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Are you feeling stuck in your relationship with alcohol?


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Have you ever questioned whether your drinking habits are normal? Perhaps you're contemplating quitting alcohol altogether or trying to find a way to moderate your consumption. Maybe you're frustrated by the difficulty of sticking to your resolutions and maintaining control over your alcohol intake.​

Is alcohol is occupying a significant amount of your mental space, involving rules, negotiation, permission, regrets, uncertainty about alcoholism, and even resorting to online searches to determine if you have a problematic relationship with alcohol? If that resonates, MHM Counselling is here to offer support and help to all grey area drinkers.

Indeed, there seems to be a gap in the available options for individuals dealing with problematic drinking, such as high-functioning drinking, binge drinking, or those who are simply unsure about their relationship with alcohol but are unhappy. Traditional avenues such as rehabilitation centres, community group supports (like AA), general mental health practitioners, and sobriety coaches may not quite address the specific needs of this group.​ That's where MHM Counselling comes in to provide tailored support and guidance.

Meet Marie

As a passionate and qualified ACA-registered Counsellor, I bring both professional expertise and personal experience to my practice, allowing me to understand and address each client's needs in an effective and empathetic manner. My approach is flexible, and I prioritise collaboration as the foundation of our therapy journey, creating a comfortable, respectful, and safe environment where we can work together towards achieving your goals.

To learn more about the counselling services, feel free to organise a 10-minute free phone call.

Counselling services are available through in-person sessions at our office located in Fremantle, Perth WA, as well as via Zoom video call or phone, providing flexibility to suit your preferences and convenience.

Counselling Session - Face-to-Face

1hr counselling session at our office in Fremantle

Counselling Session - Zoom online

1hr counselling session online via Zoom videocall

Discovery call - 10-minute free phone call

Schedule a complimentary 10-minute phone call to explore our services and assess compatibility.


17 South St, South Fremantle WA 6162, Australia - by appointment only

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